About Technically Simple

Technically Simple…isn’t that a contradiction in terms?

In our modern age we have access to a wealth of technology. In theory this should be making life much easier for us humans – allowing us to focus on the things we love best while computers perform all the tedious tasks. The reality is that technology has earned a bad rap and is too often seen as a source of stress rather than a trusted sidekick. Our mission is simple: to help people and organizations produce powerful results in their lives and businesses while making effective use of technology.

Looking at the BIG Picture

While it’s tempting to dive right in and starting using technology, we emphasize the importance of having a clear plan in place. This includes look at what processes are already in place and what workflows are missing. As part of this process, we also work with individuals and organizations to gain clarity on where they’re going and what motivates this growth.

Navigating the Technology Jungle

There’s a lot of a lot of marketing hype when it comes to technology. We help you navigate the technology jungle by providing specific recommendations for both hardware and software – think of us as your technology sherpas. Technology that we’ve put through its paces that truly makes the world a better place is given our Technically Simple Approved™ designation and forms the basis of our recommendations.

Learning the Ropes

Having well designed technology at your disposal is only half the story. It’s equally important that the technology be configured in a way that matches your processes and workflows and that you and your staff receive the appropriate amount of training. We help you configure your technology in the most optimum way possible and provide both onsite and remote/Internet training to individuals and groups.

Productivity Courses, Workshops & Seminars

Technically Simple also offers productivity courses, workshops and seminars through our Holistic Productivity website to support you in being productive in all areas of your life. They give you the opportunity to look at your life and business in a new light and provide you with proven methodologies and approaches to help you rise above overwhelm. The practical elements of our offerings focus on specific technologies and includes strategies for scheduling time, managing email and much more.

Holistic Productivity LogoPlease visit our Holistic Productivity website for more information and to register.

On a Personal Note

Tim StringerTechnically Simple was founded by Tim Stringer in 2003. Tim is a veteran of the computer industry and spent many years working in software development, project management, business development and sales roles in the corporate world after graduating with a Bachelor of Engineering in 1990. He’s a strong advocate of living a healthy, balanced life and sees technology as a key ingredient in this approach. In keeping with his balanced approach to life, Tim has been practicing shotokan karate since 1988 and has been teaching yoga since 1999. For additional information visit Tim’s personal website/blog: TimStringer.com.