Holistic Productivity Online Course – Pod F

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Holistic Productivity – Session 1

A common trend in our modern times is to spend a lot of time engaged in doing without taking a significant amount of time to reflect on life and what’s most important. After having the chance to meet each other, we’ll engage in some practical exercises for pressing the “pause” button on your life in order to gain clarity. We’ll look at the first two pillars of the Holistic Productivity approach, and will explore some Mac and iOS apps that encourage inner reflection and the fostering of new habits.

Holistic Productivity – Session 2

Owning a calculator doesn’t make you a mathematician. We have a wealth of technology at our disposal and in order to use it in a productive way it helps immensely to develop new habits and structures around this technology is used. During this session we’ll go back to basics and will look at some best practices for living a productive life. Part of this process involves understanding what works best for you and shining a spotlight on some of your less productive habits. You’ll also learn how to use your Mac and iOS device to create mind maps that help bring and maintain clarity.

Holistic Productivity – Session 3

This session builds on the learning and insights from Session 2 and creates a foundation for making effective use of OmniFocus, Evernote and Calendar. We’ll go through the process of creating structure in OmniFocus and will look at how Evernote, Calendar and Reminders can be used as a complement to OmniFocus.

Holistic Productivity – Session 4

This session marks the beginning of the 90-day process. Building on material covered in Session 3, you’ll learn to fine-tune your use of OmniFocus, Evernote and Calendar and will have the opportunity to share the area of life that you’ll be focusing on during the 90-day process and to experience the underlying motivation in a way that naturally leads to inspired action.

Holistic Productivity – Session 5

To quote Robby Burns, “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / Gang aft agley” . Despite our best intentions sometimes even the most inspired plans fall prey to old habits and the busyness of life. With the support of your leader and your Productivity Pod, this session is an opportunity to acknowledge the progress that you’ve made so far, to identify where you’re feeling stuck and to recalibrate in support of your goals.

Holistic Productivity – Session 6

Reconvening at the finish line where you’ll have the opportunity to share your progress with the group and, perhaps most importantly, capture the learning that can be applied moving forward.