Holistic Productivity™
for Mac & iOS

A Unique Video-Conferenced Online Course Featuring Mac & iOS Productivity Apps, including OmniFocus, Evernote and MindNode.

An expanded version of the Holistic Productivity for Mac & iOS course is now being offered through a site dedicated to Holistic Productivity. Visit the course page for more information.


This practical and insightful course includes over nine hours of interactive online learning in a small, video-conferenced group (maximum 10 people), detailed course manuals and workbooks and a 90-day process to support you as you integrate what you’ve learned. Featured Mac and iOS apps include OmniFocus, Evernote, Drafts, Day One and MindNode.

“This course exceeded my expectations. In addition to getting advanced OmniFocus instruction, Tim introduced me to a holistic way of thinking about productivity. I’ve got some great technologies to help me keep my life in balance. Tim is a great coach and knows his stuff.” — David Barclay

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Productivity is all about producing results in your life. When coupled with a strong sense of purpose these results can be highly fulfilling and can have a profoundly positive impact on you and the world around you. It’s easy to get swept along by the pace of modern life and to lose touch with what’s most important to you, making it more important than ever to take the time to reevaluate priorities and learn new organizational techniques and to make sure you have the best tools at your disposal.

What is Holistic Productivity?

The essence of the Holistic Productivity approach is that a positive shift created in one area of life will positively impact all other areas of life to a large or small degree. For example, creating a positive shift in the area of health (e.g. getting more exercise or improving your quality of sleep) will lead to increased productivity in the workplace. Furthering this example, putting energy into improving health might actually lead to much more significant gains in workplace productivity than if the focus were on the workplace itself.

Online Learning and the Productivity Pod™

To keep the course interactive and personal, enrolment in each course is limited to ten participants, collectively called a Productivity Pod™. Through the magic of video conferencing, all participants will be able to see and interact with the group leader and each other — asking questions and sharing their learning, failures and successes throughout the course as part of creating an engaging and interactive learning environment. Participants will also be encouraged to support each other between sessions with partner work being a focal point for the 90-day process.

By offering courses online and dispensing with logistics such as travel and space bookings, it’s feasible to spread out a course over weeks or even months, allowing participants to more fully integrate what they’re learning into their day-to-day life. With geographical limitations out of the way this is also an exciting opportunity to bring together people who might otherwise never have met, providing a rich blend of cultures, experiences and skills.

Course Overview: Seven Sessions, 9 Hours of Interaction

This nine hour online course is spread across seven sessions. The first four 90-minute sessions are one week apart, with each week having a unique theme and emphasis.  A 90-day process, which begins with Session 4, supports you in practicing what you’ve learned as you create a positive shift in a specific area of your life. You’ll be working with a partner from the course during this process and there will be three one hour sessions approximately 30 days, 60 days and 90 days into the process to support and celebrate your learning.

Session 1 – Introduction and Inner Reflection
A common trend in our modern times is to spend a lot of time engaged in doing without taking a significant amount of time to reflect on  life and what’s most important. After having the chance to meet each other, we’ll engage in some practical exercises for pressing the “pause” button on your life in order to gain clarity. We’ll look at the first two pillars of the Holistic Productivity approach, and will explore some Mac and iOS apps that encourage inner reflection and the fostering of new habits.

Session 2 – Best Practices for Living a Productive Life
Owning a calculator doesn’t make you a mathematician. We have a wealth of technology at our disposal and in order to use it in a productive way it helps immensely to develop new habits and structures around this technology is used. During this session we’ll go back to basics and will look at some best practices for living a productive life. Part of this process involves understanding what works best for you and shining a spotlight on some of your less productive habits. You’ll also learn how to use your Mac and iOS device to create mind maps that help bring and maintain clarity.

Session 3 – Creating Structure
This session builds on the learning and insights from Session 2 and creates a foundation for making effective use of OmniFocus, Evernote and Calendar. We’ll go through the process of creating structure in OmniFocus and will look at how Evernote, Calendar and Reminders can be used as a complement to OmniFocus.

Session 4 – The End of the Beginning
This session marks the beginning of the 90-day process. Building on material covered in Session 3, you’ll learn to fine-tune your use of OmniFocus, Evernote and Calendar and will have the opportunity to share the area of life that you’ll be focusing on during the 90-day process and to experience the underlying motivation in a way that naturally leads to inspired action.

Session 5 – Day 30 Milestone
To quote Robby Burns, “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / Gang aft agley” . Despite our best intentions sometimes even the most inspired plans fall prey to old habits and the busyness of life. With the support of your leader and your Productivity Pod, this session is an opportunity to acknowledge the progress that you’ve made so far, to identify where you’re feeling stuck and to recalibrate in support of your goals.

Session 6 –  Day 60 Milestone
We’ll also meet as a group about two thirds of the way into the progress. This session helps keep the 90-day process alive and kicking, even as old patterns creep in, and provides an opportunity to clarify goals and strategies as we enter into the final stretch of the 90-day process.

Session 7 –  Day 90 Milestone
We’ll also be reconvening at the finish line where you’ll have the opportunity to share your progress with the group and, perhaps most importantly, capture the learning that can be applied moving forward.

Course Agreements

Registering in the course requires that you agree to our Online Course Terms & Conditions. These agreements are a key part of the course design and help foster a positive, interactive learning environment.

Curious to learn more? There’s a webinar for that.

Visit the Holistic Productivity Webinar page to learn more about the Holistic Productivity approach and the Holistic Productivity Online Course. And drop us a line if you have any questions.

Course Leader

Tim Stringer is a veteran of the technology industry, a professional coach and a recognized productivity expert. He graduated with a degree in Engineering (1990) and has worked as a software engineer, development manager and project manager. Tim founded Technically Simple in 2003 and works with individuals and organizations to become productive while making more effective use of technology. He also leads the highly acclaimed Productivity and Self Management™ course, inspired by the profound lessons he learned when he came face-to-face with an aggressive stage four cancer in 2008. Tim has been teaching yoga since 1999 and believes that a healthy, balanced lifestyle is a key component to productivity.


“This course exceeded my expectations. In addition to getting advanced OmniFocus instruction, Tim introduced me to a holistic way of thinking about productivity. I’ve got some great technologies to help me keep my life in balance. Tim is a great coach and knows his stuff.”
— David Barclay

“This was a wonderfully unique and refreshing approach to productivity. Everything: manuals, email, all other communications, were terrifically clear, precise, well-structured, and user friendly. I enjoyed the process and feel the genius is in the 45- and 90-day check-ins. I can’t imagine a scenario where I would have accomplished so much of value on my own! I find myself wishing our group could check in again every 90 days for a year.”
— Mk Klein, Digital Marketing Knowledge Manager for a Fortune 500 Medical Device Manufacturer

“Technically Simple’s Holistic Productivity course was instrumental in my increasing my ability to stay on top of multiple things using the Apple tools that I own. I would highly recommend the class.”
— Steve Finegan

“The Holistic Productivity Online Course helped me define outcomes and goals, and was the main reason why I took up running and began to exercise consistently this spring. For me the course was money well invested, since it helped me define and reach my goals and at the same time got me some new pals in whole other continents!”
— Gustav

“This course gave me the tools and the strategies to be more productive in my life and work. The set up was unique! The class size was perfect. Plenty of time for questions and answers. Tim is available and answers emails quickly. If you’re looking to get more productive this class is for you!”
— Ellen Sweeney

“OmniFocus is a wonderful system to help you manage your busy life; however, it takes time to learn how to use the system effectively. Tim is a great person who has much knowledge regarding OmniFocus with all the nuances and he knows how to share it with others and he really enjoys doing it too! He is a real teacher. If you really want to learn OmniFocus and a few things about life in general, then Tim Stringer is your man!”
— Andrew S. Pomerantz, Managing Partner, weappear.com

“The Holistic Productivity course was so worth the time and money! I don’t say that lightly. I usually do a fair amount of research on an online program and usually only participate in a few a year. Tim’s program was so well prepared and hand-crafted that it was loaded with golden take-aways! Thanks again Tim.”
— Brett Nord, Founder, FineTuneTech Solutions, Inc.

“What a great way to find an area of your life that needs a tune-up, set aside a reasonable amount of time and have a great deal of support from the instructor, pod members and accountability partner to work to find a path to improvement. Tim’s course opens up many facets of your life that may be interfering with the process of improvement. Not only was I able to significantly improve my original goal; I learned something deeper about myself that was holding me back in other areas of life. With Holistic Productivity I now have a clear process for addressing more than the original goal; I have a process that I can apply to any area of life and an accountability partner on the other side of the planet that’s willing to go through the process with me again in other areas. Great course, well executed and very well thought out. It’s an absolute bargain when weighed against the progress I’ve made in being productive at work. Finally, something that requires work, yet pays greater dividends than the investment. Thank You Tim!”
— Jonathan Rogers

“Productivity has always been a prickly subject for me. With non-stop ideas to integrate into my business, I’m often overwhelmed which means implementation falls short. Tim Stringer’s Holistic Productivity course has helped me to understand how and why I fall short sometimes. He has equipped me with tools and techniques to build on this understanding, so that technology is fast becoming my friend. Tim also has a gentle and easy approach that makes you feel comfortable while learning. I have gained more time on a daily basis to put to good use now and thoroughly recommend others to take advantage of the Holistic Productivity course.”
— Cathy Richardson

“It’s hard to pick one thing that was most useful as it was all packaged and presented in a way that made the course flow perfectly. The course materials, meetings and apps were all useful in helping me get organized with projects at work and home. I love using my new tools to keep me on track. Thank you, Tim!”
— Carol Erlam

“The Holistic Productivity Course was tremendous. Thanks to Tim’s guidance and expertise, and the support of my partner, the 90 Day process flew by. I am using OmniFocus2, Evernote and my calendar in a way that finally gives me peace of mind and a structure for success moving forward. Hooray!”
— Will Rubenstein, Owner/Director Camp Wingate*Kirkland

“Productivity is a result of many influencing factors. Tim gives advice in mastering the tool to support these factors and to combine them to a holistic approach. I like the personal touch of that course. The experience of a 90-day-challenge brings the sustainable effect, that I need to integrate the new learned habits into my daily life.”
— Clemens Schleicher

“Personally, I found the “holistic” component of the sessions most valuable. The apps were nicely integrated with the mental processes involved in effective work habits, ability to focus, and strategies to realize future intentions. The presentations gave “just right” level of depth with the ability to ask questions, providing fuller consideration of any specific topic. I found the “Learn OmniFocus” site very helpful bonus. I also appreciated Tim’s hints that kept things simple and reduced the friction of using the programs, and more importantly the GTD system. I know I’ll be able to keep at it.”
— Joel H

“Tim’s course is very thoughtfully planned and presented. It is infused with elements of joy and wonder that caught me by surprise. Some of the applications introduced in the course have made it more fun to plan, adjust, and complete projects. An unanticipated benefit was the opportunity to work with other participants. The integrity with which Tim shares his experience and encourages others is inspiring. I learned more than I had hoped for when I signed up for the course and I highly recommend it.”
— Steve Watson

“This was a great course. There is no GTD or OmniFocus people in my world and having people that I can tangibly communicate with about these things has opened up doors for me to grow in productivity. Tim is an amazing teacher! He thoroughly knows what he is doing and is able to listen and offer relevant strategies that are inline with the GTD method. The interaction with others in invaluable. If you are looking for a way to strengthen your productivity skills, I highly recommend this course. Cheers!”
– Keith

“Tim is a terrific coach with great depth of knowledge and experience. His preparedness of the subject matter and his patience with participants of every experience level is amazing. I would recommend that everyone participate in the Holistic Productivity Online Course at least once.”
– Michael Strong

“Holistic Productivity is a must for anyone who finds it increasingly difficult to keep up with the waves of information, decisions, email, meetings and projects that can overwhelm us all. This is an investment in you, providing useful strategies and tools to help you become more efficient with your most precious resource, your time. Strongly recommended!”
– Terry Lipovski, Executive Coach, Ubiquity Leadership

“Tim’s Holistic Productivity course gave me the tools I needed to get organized and get my mind clear. The course explained the problem, and showed me how to solve it through daily and weekly exercises that took far less time than worrying about what wasn’t getting done! I would take the course again as a refresher after some time has passed.”
— Michael Wood, President/CEO Community Lawyers Group, Ltd.

“I’m very happy that I took Tim’s Holistic Productivity Course. The deep integration of the GTD methodology, primarily through the use of OmniFocus, has been a game changer for me in terms of my personal organization and workflow. Tim’s personal, supportive and holistic approach made it all relevant and enjoyable. Thanks Tim!”
— Peter Mortifee

“Great coverage of material that people don’t often get to. Tim’s Zen style is both thoughtful and thorough with a deep knowledge of what these systems are and how to actually get them working in your life.”
– Dave Phillips, Executive Mentor and Speaker