It’s About Time™ Course

Productivity and Self Management™

Time flies. Are you in the pilot’s seat?

Do you have inspiring dreams and ambitions…but find yourself wishing there were more hours in the day and feeling overwhelmed by modern life? It’s About Time™ is the course for you! Join professional coach, yoga teacher and productivity consultant, Tim Stringer on a fun and practical journey where you’ll learn:

  • How to get to the root of inefficiencies and procrastination.
  • Meditation techniques for gaining clarity and tapping into your inner calm.
  • The basics of the Getting Things Done® (GTD®) approach to productivity.
  • Practical skills for using technology in a way that simplifies your life rather than adding to your stress.
  • How to implement positive new habits in all areas of your life.

The course is designed to have a lasting impact. You are supported in transforming three distinct areas of your life in the months that follow the course.

Workshop Fee & What’s Included

The $185 workshop fee ($160 for early registrations) includes a course manual and workbook, the full-day workshop and a one-hour group follow-up session by Internet to help you integrate what you’ve learned into your life. Please note that the group size is kept small to allow to give everyone the opportunity to participate. Because the class size is kept small, it’s recommended that you register early in order to be guaranteed a spot. This is no time to procrastinate!


Living with Freedom and Confidence
“The It’s about Time workshop gave me exactly what I needed to kick start my life and stop procrastinating. Since meeting Tim at the workshop and through his coaching I have changed the way I live my life. I stopped working so much and I now have the freedom and confidence to live the life I choose, everyday. Anytime I feel myself slipping backwards I pull out the tools I learned at the workshop and I am quickly able to move forward again. Thanks Tim.”
— Stacey Shrout, Business Owner and Yoga Teacher

Goodbye dead-end career. Hello joy.
“Thanks Tim for all your help in being a great coach. Your It’s About Time workshop was also very effective and as a result, I made some massive changes to my life. I quit a 20 year dead-end career and went back to school to pursue courses related to who I am today. I haven’t felt joy like this in years.”
— Mark, Wellness Counsellor

A Renewed Sense of Purpose
“A fun workshop that combines the essential ingredients for discovering life purpose – facilitated by technology productivity tools, meditation techniques and reflection using visual media. You come away with a renewed sense of purpose!”
— Navin Ramani, Consultant and Author

Taking it to the Next Level
“In your workshop I saw that the next level for me was to set up and become savvy in the technology that matches the professional woman that I know myself to be. I have since hired a coach and we have had two productive calls. I am really empowered. I shared the breakthrough with my bosses and they were so inspired by my commitment to implementing the training with them that my new MacBook Pro is likely going to be a company expense rather than a personal one.”
— Kat Young, Yoga Instructor and Life Coach

Inspirational Concepts and Practices
“I found ‘It’s About Time’ to be a very inspiring workshop. It worked for me on different levels – concepts and practice. It is very helpful in defining what you want to get done and how to break it into manageable steps that improve the chances of a successful outcome. Also Tim is inspiring due to his own courage and examples from his own life. I can recommend the workshop to anyone who is trying to get ahead in their life and needs some tools to do it.”
— John Phillips

Stepping Out of Procrastination
“Tim’s workshop was great! Well-organised, informative, challenging. He cares about the participants and gives a lot of opportunities for people to share successes and failures in a problem area which affects so many – procrastination. As his Mom, I’m a little prejudiced in my comments but I feel we can always learn from our ‘kids’. As far as cutting down my own tendencies to procrastinate, I can say that as one gets older it’s a little more difficult, though not impossible, to change habits. What I gleaned from the workshop was awareness of how and why I put things off – now it’s up to me to act. And I (we) have begun to de-clutter our home – what a great feeling of accomplishment!”
— Helen