Holistic Productivity™

Learn the Basics of the Holistic Productivity™ Approach

Watch the following webinar and learn the basics of the Holistic Productivity™ approach and the story of its origin. Founder, Tim Stringer will talk about the four pillars of Holistic Productivity and will take you through some exercises to help you apply this approach to your life. Before watching it’s recommended that you download the Holistic Productivity Webinar – Course Manual and Workbook so that you can follow along with the exercises.

Download Webinar Manual & Workbook

Note: Since this webinar was recorded, the course has been expanded to include a seventh session. Specifically, there are now three one-hour sessions during the 90-day process instead of two.

Introducing the Holistic Productivity Online Course

Tim also provides an overview of the Holistic Productivity Online Course, designed to support you in creating positive shifts across all areas of your life with some help from some outstanding Mac and iOS productivity apps, including OmniFocusEvernote and MindNode. Each course is limited to ten participants to allow for an engaging and interactive learning experience. Visit the course page for more information, including dates and times of upcoming courses.

Course Summary & Registration

What is Holistic Productivity?

The Holistic Productivity™ approach acknowledges that we humans are multifaceted by natured and that a positive shift created in one area of life will positively impact all other areas to a small or large degree. Additionally, sometimes it’s most productive to focus on an area other than the one that seems in need of attention. For example, someone may focus on getting exercise or sleeping more at night as an indirect way of improving their performance at work. Focusing entirely on work while neglecting other areas that are in need of attention limits the potential to improve work. Additionally, this methodology promotes the importance of regular reflection and encourages approaching life and work from a place of inspiration.