On January 31, 2013 I had the honour of being one of the speakers at the inaugural OmniFocus Setup event in San Francisco. The video of my talk, entitled “Holistic Productivity” is below. You can view some of the other talks on the OmniFocus Setup video page, with more to come soon.

The premise of Holistic Productivity is that impacting any area of life in a positive way will have at least some positive impact on all other areas of life. And sometimes the most positive impact is realized by focusing on an area other than the one vying for attention. For example, significantly impacting your career by creating a positive shift in your health. I also share some best practices that I’ve developed based on my own use of OmniFocus and on my experiences of working with OmniFocus users all over the world.

I shared the stage with some other great speakers:

David Sparks — Also known as MacSparky, David has made significant contributions to the Mac community. He created the MacSparky blog, is the author of numerous books, including Paperless and is the co-host of one of my favourite Podcasts, Mac Power Users.

Dinah Sanders — A coach based in the San Francisco area and the author of Discardia, a book that centres on the theme of letting go of “everything that doesn’t make your life awesome”.

Kourosh Dini — The author of Using OmniFocus, a thoughtfully crafted and detailed book teaching you how to master your productivity using OmniFocus.

Merlin Mann — A writer, speaker and broadcaster based in San Francisco. He’s best known for the 43 Folders blog, Inbox Zero and the Back to Work podcast.

Michael Schechter — The author of the thought-provoking A Better Mess blog and the co-host of the Mikes on Mics podcast.

Mike Vardy — A fellow “productivityist” here in beautiful British Columbia. Mike is the creator of Productivityist.com, is the other Mike on the Mikes on Mics podcast and is the author of The Front Nine, a book on “How to Start the Year You Want Anytime You Want”.

Sven Fechner — The creator of the popular SimplicityBliss blog, an excellent source for OmniFocus articles.

Thanh Pham — The cofounder of the Asian Efficiency blog, a popular source for productivity and OmniFocus advise.

Here’s an impromptu photo of me and some of the other OmniFocus Setup speakers. From left to right, me (Tim Stringer), Merlin Mann, Kourosh Dini, Sven Fechner and David Sparks. Thanks to Sven Fechner for the photo.

The OmniFocus Setup Speakers

In closing, many thanks to the Omni Group for all the effort they put into creating this event and kudos for trying for something new and innovative. The event was a huge success and I’m hoping they’ll do this or something similar alongside Macworld/iWorld 2014.

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