Productivity Courses

All of our courses are now offered through our Holistic Productivity website.

Holistic Productivity for Mac & iOS

Holistic Productivity for Mac & iOSJoin your Productivity Pod™ (maximum ten people) and engage in a journey that includes seven sessions and over 12 hours of online learning and interaction. This course provides an opportunity to reflect on your life and to learn new approaches for living and working. Technologies and best practices introduced throughout out the course will make sure you’re well equipped for modern life, and an integrated 90-day process will give you ample opportunity to put all of your new skills to work.

Holistic Productivity for Organizations

Holistic Productivity for OrganizationsDesigned for a corporate environment, our Holistic Productivity for Organizations course (formerly Productivity and Self Management) provides participants with new methodologies and practical strategies to achieve optimum levels of productivity in both their personal and professional environments. The course has two distinct sections. The focus for the first section is on the theoretical practices and the self awareness/management that supports productivity. With a theoretical foundation in place, the second section delves into applying productivity principles, the effective use of technology and the cultivation of effective new habits.

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