Holistic Productivity™ Online Course
Terms & Conditions

The Holistic Productivy™ online course is as much about personal development and group learning as it is about aquiring new knowledge and skills. This online course is designed to emulate the experience of an in-person course while also giving you the convenience of enjoying this experience from the comfort of your home or office.

In order to create a positive, confidential learning environment you’re asked to agree to the following before registering in the course. Please read this list carefully and let us know if you have any questions about these agreements before registering. Please note that the course fee is non refundable.

By registering in the Holistic Productivity Online Course I agree to:

  1. Honour Confidentiality — You’re welcome (and encouraged) to share your own experiences in the course with others but agree not  to share anything that other course members have shared unless you have their permission. This agreement fosters a safe environment that encourages you and others to share freely.
  2. Participate by Video Conference — To help support an engaging learning environment, all sessions will be conducted using video conferencing. Please make sure you have a fast and reliable internet connection and a functioning video camera. It’s also important that you be in a quiet environment free from curious onlookers.
  3. Participate in at Least Six of the Seven Sessions — To maintain a strong and cohesive group it’s important that you attend at least six of the seven sessions. Please make sure you have the course dates blocked off on your calendar before registering. Please contact us if you’re going to be missing one of the sessions so that we can make other arrangements (e.g. join another pod for that session or watch a recording).
  4. Share My Email Address with the Group — Your full name and email address will be shared with the other people in your group to encourage sharing and mutual support between sessions. No other contact information will be shared with the members of your group and your contact information will never be shared outside your group.
  5. Work with a Partner from my Productivity Pod — The course design involves partnering up with a person in your group and supporting each other as you go through a 90-day process. You’ll be assigned a partner from you group and will be provided with recommendations for how to support each other (e.g. weekly check-ins).
  6. Keep the Course Material for Personal Use — Many hours of development went into creating this course and its associated course materials. Please don’t copy or share this material in any form without the expressed written permission of Technically Simple.
  7. Not to Record the Sessions — Audio, video and screen recordings of the course are not permitted. The course leader will record the course and these recordings may be made available to course participants for the purpose of reviewing the session content.

A minimum of four participants are required for the course to proceed. In the unlikely event that the minimum enrolment is not reached, you we be given the option of either a full refund or a transfer to another course.