Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Technically Simple unique?

Our focus is on the benefits that are available through the use of technology and not the technology itself. Technically Simple’s founder Tim Stringer brings a unique combination of in-depth skills and experience that includes an in-depth knowledge of technology, business coaching, productivity and health and wellness.

Where is Technically Simple based?

Technically Simple is based in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. We provide our services to clients all over the world both in person and through the Internet.

Do you providing consulting and training services outside of Vancouver?

Yes. We provide consulting and training services both in-person and remotely through the Internet. Additional charges to cover travel expenses may apply to in-person consulting and training outside of Vancouver.

What’s the difference between coaching and consulting?

A consultant is an expert in a given field that provides advice based on their own training, knowledge and experience. Coaching sees you, the client as creative, intelligent and resourceful. It draws upon the belief that the greatest expert on your life and your business is YOU and that all the answers you seek are within you, waiting to be discovered. We see the power of both coaching and consulting and typically provide our clients with a mixture of coaching and consulting services. You get the benefits of our experience while also having the opportunity to tap into your own potential.

How much do you charge for your services?

Our rate for consulting and training services is $150/hour. We charge in US dollars when working with American and international clients and in Canadian dollars when working with Canadian clients. Additional taxes apply for clients based in Canada and for onsite courses and consulting work that takes place in Canada. Consulting and training services are provided both in person and remotely using the Internet. Additional fees may apply for travel outside of Vancouver.

Do you provide training for both Mac and Windows platforms?

Yes. We work with clients who are in Mac, Windows and cross-platform environments. Courses hosted within your organization can be custom tailored based on your platform(s) of choice.

Does Technically Simple still provide website development services?

Technically Simple has years of experience in website development and has had the privilege of working with a wide range of individuals and organizations. Our focus has since shifted and we generally don’t take on website development work. We would, however, be happy to recommend one of our associates.

How many people work for Technically Simple?

Technically Simple doesn’t have a permanent staff and instead works with partners and trusted contractors when required. Unless otherwise noted, all consulting and training services are provided by Technically Simple Founder, Tim Stringer.

Sounds good. What’s the first step?

Contact Tim Stringer for more information and to schedule a call or meeting to discuss your specific needs. Calls and meetings are generally scheduled from Monday to Friday between 9am-5pm Pacific Time (GMT-8).