Technically Simple was founded in 2003 by Tim Stringer. He has a degree in engineering and 13 years of corporate experience.

Tim is a veteran of the computer industry and spent many years working in software development, project management, business development and sales roles in the corporate world after graduating with a Bachelor of Engineering in 1990. Tim is also a professionally trained life and business coach and has been teaching yoga and meditation since 1999.

Coach, Consultant and Trainer

Tim provides productivity, technology and workflow coaching, consulting and training to people and organizations, large and small, all over the planet. Clients include business owners, consultants, executives, managers, doctors, lawyers, teachers, artists, and more.

Technology Specializations

Tim is constantly evaluating new technologies, always on the lookout for those that fulfill their promise to enhance life and work.

His technology specializations include Asana, Daylite, OmniFocus and Trello. Tim is also an Evernote Certified Consultant and has been using Evernote since its beta days. He emphasizes the importance of clearly defining the purpose that each app serves and works with people and organizations to automate interactions between these apps using services such as Zapier.

Holistic Productivity™ Approach

Inspired by lessons he learned in 2008, when he came face to face with cancer, Tim developed the Holistic Productivity approach. This approach is prominently featured in many of our courses and workshops.

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Tim Stringer in the Media

Tim Stringer is a call-upon public speaker and has been featured on numerous blogs and podcasts. Visit the Media page for a taste of Tim's media exposure.

Health & Wellness

Tim is a strong advocate for living a healthy, balanced life and teaches how to use technology in a way that promotes health and wellness. He has been practicing Shotokan karate since 1988 and has been practicing yoga and meditation since 1995.