We help teams develop new productivity skills and make effective use of technology.

When it comes to team productivity there are two key factors to take into account. One is the productivity of individual team members and the other is the systems that are in place to improve communication and project management within the team environment.

Personal Productivity

Personal productivity is a practiced skill that is developed over time. It includes engaging in productive practices, giving the appropriate amount of attention to all areas of life and learning to use technology effectively. Having team members who have developed strong productivity skills is a key ingredient for an effective team.

Communication and Project Management

Having highly productive individuals isn't enough. For a team to reach its peak effectiveness there needs to be systems and processes in place that support the team in communicating effectively and tracking progress. Equally important, team members need to be motivated to use these systems and, where possible, be part of their design and evolution.


Consulting & Training for Organizations

We work with organizations of all sizes to establish team productivity systems that emphasize flexibility and convenience. In a nutshell, this involves working with you and your team to choose apps and services based on your requirements, helping you configure them in an optimal way and training your team on how to use them effectively.


Courses & Workshops for Organizations

We offer courses and workshops for teams that teach productivity principles and demonstrate how this principles can be put into practice using technology. 

We draw wisdom from our Holistic Productivity approach and David Allen's Getting Things Done® (GTD®) methodology and combine it with many years of experience helping people and organizations use technology effectively. Our courses and workshops can be customized to match the apps you're using.