Technically Simple Founder, Tim Stringer has been working in the technology industry since 1990 and is a called-upon speaker.

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Here's a taste of guest posts, podcasts and videos that feature Tim Stringer. His expertise covers a broad range of topics, including technology, productivity, health and wellness, yoga and meditation.


A Healing Journey — Tim Stringer's journey with David Allen's Getting Things Done® (GTD®) approach began in 2008 when he came face-to-face with a stage 4 cancer. Read this article and learn how he applied GTD to his healing process. Tim was also interviewed by David Allen on the In Conversation series on GTD Connect (membership required).

Small Woorld — Small Woorld shares the stories of entrepreneurs around the world who use the WooCommerce platform, the e-commerce plugin for WordPress that we use for our Learn OmniFocus website. In this interview, Tim Stringer shares the story of Technically Simple and Learn OmniFocus and offers advise for aspiring entrepreneurs.


Coaching for Leaders — Tim Stringer is a regular guest on the popular Coaching for Leaders podcast hosted by Dave Stachowiak. Themes have included How To Be More ProductiveUsing Technology To Build and Strengthen RelationshipsPractical Action for Productivity, and How to Manage Your Task List.


Holistic Productivity Workflows with Tim Stringer — Tim joined Mac Power Users hosts David Sparks and Katie Floyd to share an overview of his Holistic Productivity approach and to discuss his productive use of Mac and iOS apps, including OmniFocus, Evernote and Daylite. Tim is also an active member of the Mac Power Users community.


Holistic Productivity with Tim Stringer —  Tim Stringer joined fellow West Coast Canadian, Mike Vardy to discuss productivity from a holistic standpoint. This lively discussion touched on focus and mindfulness and why it's important to recognize limitations.


Leading From Within with Tim Stringer — Tim Stringer joined Executive, Leadership and Speaking Coach, Terry Lipovski to talk about Tim's approach to leadership. Tim emphasizes that everyone has the potential to express themselves as a leader and that leadership can take many different forms.

Video Highlights

Tim Stringer's "Holistic Productivity" talk at the OmniFocus Setup conference in San Francisco in 2013. Other speakers included David Sparks, Kourosh Dini, Sven Fechner and Merlin Mann.

Tim Stringer was the first person to be featured in the Omni Groups "Customer Stories" series. He talked about his journey through cancer and how GTD and OmniFocus continue to support him on his journey.