We help teams use technology to enhance communication and improve efficiency.

There is a wealth of technology that, when used effectively, can dramatically improve the effectiveness of teams. Realizing technology's potential means choosing the best apps for the job, configuring them in a way that makes sense and training your team to use them effectively.

Our Process


We start of with one or more discovery sessions. These help us get a better understanding of your business and workflows. We'll look at what's working, and what needs work and will recommend apps and services that are a good fit for your organization.

Team apps we specialize in include Daylite (Mac & iOS), Asana, Trello and Evernote. We can also help you automate your workflows using Zapier.

Establishing Structure and Workflow

Building on the insights from the Discovery Session, the next step is to configure the chosen apps in a way that makes sense for your organization. We typically work with one or two people from your team as we go through this process. As needed, we also discuss strategies for cleaning up your systems and for migrating existing data.

Training the Team

It's important that members of the team understand the features of the apps they're using and understand how these apps have been configured for use in your organization. It's equally important that team members get a sense of how the apps will make their lives easier, so that they're motivated to learn and make use the apps.

Sometimes training is split into multiple sessions. For example, there may be a 90-minute session that covers the basics that's attended by all members of the team and a second 90-minute sessions that's geared towards people who need a more knowledge of the apps.

Sessions can optionally be recorded to allow participants to review what they've learned and for the benefit of people who join your team in the future. Please note that session recordings are for internal use only.


What's the Next Action?

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