Daylite is the premiere business productivity manager for Mac & iOS. We'll help you use Daylite to track opportunities and projects.

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Daylite by Marketcircle is the premiere business productivity manager for Mac and iOS. Daylite is designed to help you and your team manage your company’s contacts, sales opportunities, projects, appointments, meetings, notes and email. Think of it as a "pro" version of Apple's Calendar and Contacts app that can be accessed by all members of your team.

Target Audience for Daylite

In our experience, Daylite is best suited to solopreneurs and small businesses (less than 30 people) who have standardized on Mac and iOS devices. Daylite adheres closely to Apple's UI guidelines and data is stored locally, meaning you'll be able to access your data even if you're not connected to the Internet.

Daylite for Mac and iOS (iPhone & iPad)

Our Daylite Consulting & Training Process

STAGE 1: System Design & Configuration

If you're brand new to Daylite, we'll help you get your system up and running. We'll spend some time learning about your sales processes and project cycles and will work with you to configure Daylite in a way that supports your organization.

If you're already using Daylite, we'll perform a review of your setup and make specific recommendations for improvements. We'll also work with you to formulate a strategy for implementing these improvements. This often includes making use of multi-column list view and smart lists to identify gaps and inconsistencies in data and using Daylite's bulk edit feature to efficiently and systematically apply the changes.

Either way, as we walk through the configuration process you'll learn more about Daylite's features and best practices.

This stage typically takes place over one or two sessions totalling 3-6 hours, depending on the complexity of the setup. To help keep things focused, it's best just to have one or two people from your team in attendance at these sessions.


For Daylite to be an effective solution, it's important that everyone who's using it have at least a basic understanding of Daylite's features and of how Daylite has been configured for your organization.

It's recommended that everyone in your organization who will be using Daylite attend the Basic Training session(s). In addition to learning how to use Daylite effectively, they'll be educated on Daylite's benefits and will gain an appreciation of how Daylite will make their work easier and more efficient.

This stage typically consists of one or two training sessions ranging in length from 90 minutes to two hours. Sessions can optionally be recorded for future review.


At least some people within your organization will need a more advanced understanding of Daylite. This could include people who are using the app extensively and those who are assuming a role of system administrator (we recommend that you have two people in this role).

Advanced Training picks up where Basic Training ends, delving into more advanced topics such as smart lists, forms, letter templates and user management.

This stage typically consists of one or two training sessions ranging in length from 90 minutes to two hours. Sessions can optionally be recorded for future review.

System Reviews

We recommend a periodic review of your Daylite system. This includes identifying any gaps or inconsistencies in the data and formulating ways to make Daylite event more convenient and efficient.

System Reviews are also a good opportunity for Daylite Administrators to learn about new features in Daylite and to get our help adding new processes and workflows to Daylite.

System Reviews typically take 1-3 hours. It's recommend that you have a system review about 3 months after starting to use Daylite, and then at least once a year moving forward.

Technical Support and Data Migration

Please note that we don't provide ad hoc technical support. And, while we're happy to provide guidance for data migration, we're not available to perform the migration.

Visit the Marketcircle Expert Directory if you would require technical assistance. Marketcircle also provides free technical support by email. Simply choose Contact Support from the Help menu in Daylite.

Platform & Rate

We provide Daylite consulting and training in-person in the Vancouver, Canada area and remotely all over the world using the Zoom online meeting platform.

Our services are either billed on an hourly on contract basis. Please see our Platform & Rates page for more information

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Daylite is a business productivity manager that's tailored for Mac and iOS. It's popular with solopreneurs and small businesses that have standardized on Apple technologies.

Why We Like Daylite

Daylite runs natively on Mac and iOS devices and integrates seamlessly with Contacts, Calendar, and any other apps that have access to this data (e.g. Maps). Since data is stored locally, it can be accessed even if you're not connected to the Internet.

Our Expertise

Technically Simple founder, Tim Stringer has been using Daylite to manage Technically Simple since 2007. He's a highly-respected Gold Level Marketcircle Expert and has worked with people and organizations all over the world.

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