We take a thoughtful, intentional approach to using technology productively. Considering the bigger picture and developing productive habits is as important as choosing, learning and configuring apps.

The following principles permeate everything we do at Technically Simple and support our commitment to having technology be something that enhances the quality of life and work.

Having powerful technology at your disposal doesn't automatically make you productive. You need clarity on where you're going, what's most important, and what's likely to get in the way. It's also important to approach productivity as a practice. Something that's cultivated over time and independent of the specific apps and devices that you're using.

We draw wisdom from David Allen's Getting Things Done® (GTD®) approach, our own Holistic Productivity methodology, and years of experience providing coaching to help you develop productive new habits and chart a productive course.

Principle 1:
Master the Practice of Productivity


The world of technology is often described as a "jungle", and rightly so. The amount of choices you have at your disposal can be a source of overwhelm. And it's all too easy to choose "solutions" that don't live up to their marketing hype.

We spend many hours exhaustively researching the many options that are out there, and give a select few our Technically Simple Approved™ seal of approval. And we help you determine which apps will best serve your life and work.

Principle 2:


Having well-designed apps isn't enough. Your productivity system needs to be designed in a way that matches your established processes and workflows, while taking you towards fulfilling achievements.

We draw upon the clarity that has been established in Principle 1 and help you configure apps in a way that supports you along as you take step productively into the future.

Principle 3:
Configure apps in a way that makes sense


Once your apps are configured, it's important that you learn to use the app effectively and efficiently. This includes learning to use the app's features and getting into the habit of using things like keyboard shortcuts and text snippets that accelerate your most common tasks.

We teach and inspire people and organizations all over the world. This includes in-person courses and workshops, video-conferenced online training and self-guided material.

Principle 4:
get comfortable and efficient with apps

We help individuals and organizations all over the world become more productive while making effective use of technology. How can we help you?


We work with people all over the world to clarify their objectives and to develop productivity systems that positively impact all areas of their life.

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We offer workflow consulting and training and tailored productivity courses that help organizations large and small reach their full potential.

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Owning a calculator doesn’t make you a mathematician.
— Tim Stringer / Founder, Technically Simple