Our courses and workshops teach personal productivity in a team setting. They're customized to match the technology your organization is using.

The most productive teams are made up of individuals who are well grounded in productivity practices and who are making effective use of technology. Our courses and workshops emphasize personal productivity in a way that benefits the entire organization.

Productivity and Self Management Course

We've been leading our signature Productivity and Self Management course to organizations large and small since 2011. Clients include the Government of Canada, the University of British Columbia and the aerospace company, MDA (MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates).

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The first half of the course covers productivity theory, including our Holistic Productivity approach and, with David Allen's permission, the Getting Things Done® (GTD®) approach to productivity. The second half delves into practical application of Holistic Productivity and GTD principles and culminates with a 90-day process to support participants in integrating what's they've learned. 

We currently offer this course both as a full-day course and as two half-day courses spread over two consecutive weeks. We're also planning to offer it as a video-conferenced online course.


Workshops for Organizations

We also offer a variety of workshops covering various themes. These workshops can be customized to match the needs of your organization (e.g. to focus on the technology that you're using internally).

Taming Your Email

This workshop presents best practices and practical techniques to support your team in communicating effectively using email. None of this knowledge makes any difference unless it's put into practice. With the support of the group, each person will come up with a practical strategy for making effective use of email that's put to the test and refined as they go through this two-part workshop.

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This workshop consists of two 90-minute sessions, typically one week apart, and is offered in a video-conferenced virtual conference room. The workshop is customized according to the email app and service your company is using.