We provide both self-guided tutorials and opportunities for you to learn in an interactive group setting. You get the best of both worlds.

Self-guided learning is convenient. It allows you to learn at your own pace and review what you've learned at will. Interactive group learning gives you the option to ask questions, to bounce ideas off other people in the group and supports accountability. Both approaches are valuable and complementary.


Self-Guided Learning

Our world-renowned Learn OmniFocus site contains a growing library of articles and videos to support you in living a productivity life, with some help from OmniFocus and complementary apps. Some content is provided free of charge and you can get full access to our content library by becoming a member.

We're continuing to expand our repertoire of self-guided courses, so that you can learn productivity apps and best practices at your own pace. Join our mailing list to hear about future offerings.


Interactive Group Learning

Our video-conferenced online courses and workshops give you the opportunity to engage with other people who have an interest in productivity and technology. This interactive setting is particularly helpful as you develop your personal productivity system and practices and as you customize your productivity apps to meet your match the way you think and work.

We offer a variety of live events, ranging from short workshops covering a specific topics to in-depth courses that span a variety of topics and allow for deep integration of the learning.

Upcoming Courses and Workshops

Here's a sampling of the courses and workshops that are currently open for registration. Click on the event to learn more and to register. Visit our Calendar for a complete list.

If you're interested in our four-month Holistic Productivity for Mac & iOS coursevisit the course page to learn more and to share your preferred dates. We'll be opening more courses for registration soon.

Learn OmniFocus Live

If you're an OmniFocus user, consider joining Learn OmniFocus. In addition to gaining access to our growing content library, you'll have full access to all our live sessions. This includes small and intimate Learn OmniFocus Office Hours sessions, themed sessions (e.g. Managing Large Projects with OmniFocus) and sessions with workflow guests (e.g. Creating Flow with Kourosh Dini).

Here's a sampling of upcoming live sessions. Visit the Learn OmniFocus LIVE page for a complete list.