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Navigating Your Day with OmniFocus 3

This live event is offered through our Learn OmniFocus site and is open to all members. Not a member yet? Join here.

This session builds on the foundation of Creating Structure in OmniFocus 3. You’ll learn how to leverage this structure to navigate your days with grace and ease.

When designing an OmniFocus setup, it’s important to consider what you want to get out of OmniFocus. Knowing the desired output makes it much easier to make use of the building blocks that OmniFocus provides, including folders, projects, and tags.

A thoughtful structure can play handsome dividends as you navigate even the most unpredictable of days. A well-designed system allows you to turn on a dime and, when combined with regular reviews, helps ensure that your time and energy are directed towards fulfilling and purposeful activities.

Session Overview

Attend this live session and learn techniques and best practices for:

  • Using OmniFocus to hone in on the actions that are most relevant, even when there are many things you could be doing in any given moment.

  • Using your calendar in combination with OmniFocus to help you navigate your day and be realistic about what you can accomplish.

  • Adapting to those unexpected circumstances that inevitably arise with minimal loss of time, energy, and attention.

  • Creating custom perspectives that help you quickly change gears as the need arises.

  • Going beyond dealing with urgent, time-pressing actions in favour of making progress on important tasks that will ultimately improve your quality of life and work.

  • Performing routine actions that help keep your life and work on an even keel.

  • And more…

Open to All Learn OmniFocus Members

If you're already a member of Learn OmniFocus, visit the event page to learn more and to register. Please note that space is limited to 75 participants.