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Automating OmniFocus 3 Using Siri Shortcuts: Advanced

This live event is offered through our Learn OmniFocus site and is open to all members. Not a member yet? Join here.

This session builds on the foundation of Automating OmniFocus 3 Using Siri Shortcuts: Basics and Automating OmniFocus 3 Using Siri Shortcuts: Beyond the Basics.

We’ll delve into more elaborate workflows, including those that involve multiple apps and online services. You’ll learn how to create dynamic project templates that leverage powerful and flexible Siri Shortcut actions (e.g. dictionaries and date calculations).

Session Overview

Attend the live session and learn how to:

  • Create more complex, dynamic project templates, including those that make use of dictionaries and date calculations.

  • Use text actions to combine TaskPaper tasks.

  • Create repeating tasks in TaskPaper.

  • Create OmniFocus tasks by choosing from a list.

  • Use TaskPaper tasks stored in Drafts and files (e.g. iCloud or Dropbox)

  • Turn an existing project into a template.

  • Make use of Siri Shortcuts that are run from within OmniFocus (via Share Sheet).

  • Make use of Mac project templates (i.e. those that use Populate Template Placeholders AppleScript) on iOS.

  • Create Siri Shortcuts that integrate OmniFocus with other popular third-party productivity apps.

  • And more…


It’s recommended that you have some experience with Siri Shortcuts before attending this session. Attending or watching recordings of previous Siri Shortcut sessions and some experimenting on your own will help you get the most out of this session.

Led by Rose Orchard

This session will be led by OmniFocus expert, Rose Orchard. Rose is a strong proponent of the benefits of automation. She’s the founder of Automation Orchard and co-hosts the popular Automators podcast alongside David Sparks (aka MacSparky). Rose also recently shared her OmniFocus setup and workflowshere on Learn OmniFocus, including how she makes extensive use of iOS automation technologies.

Open to All Learn OmniFocus Members

If you're already a member of Learn OmniFocus, visit the event page to learn more and to register. Please note that space is limited to 75 participants.