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OmniFocus Workflows with Joe Buhlig

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Joe Buhlig (pronounced Byoolig ) is returning to Learn OmniFocus LIVE to take us on a tour of his current OmniFocus setup and workflows.

Long History with OmniFocus

Joe has a long history with OmniFocus and was a guest on Learn OmniFocus back in 2015. He has written extensively about his OmniFocus workflows on his blog and has crafted some very helpful AppleScripts that are popular among OmniFocus users.

For example, Joe wrote an AppleScript called Update Reviews that changes weekly, monthly, and annual review dates to match the specified day of the week, month, and year. Another, called Read Book Tasks, creates actions in support of reading a book within a specific date range.


Speaking of books, Joe co-hosts the popular Bookworm podcast with Mike Schmitz. Every two weeks Joe and Mike share their impressions of a book, including how they’re applying the wisdom contained in its pages to their day-to-day life and work. Their Book List began with David Allen’s Getting Things Done and has since grown to over 75 titles.

Revamping OmniFocus

To accommodate changes in his life, Joe recently did a complete revamp of his OmniFocus Setup and Workflows, drawing some wisdom from Learn OmniFocus, Kourosh DiniDavid Sparks, and others.

Joe provides a summary of his new approach on his blog and will take us on a deep dive during the LIVE session, including his decision not to use tags, how he uses defer dates, and his strategies for developing habits.

About Joe Buhlig

Joe grew up on a farm in Missouri and has built his career around agriculture. He’s worked in soybean seed research and on data analysis and web application development in a corporate setting. He now works from home dreaming up and creating new technologies.

He’s a fan of woodworking, anything Apple, coffee, and DIY projects around the house. Family is very important to Joe and that’s where the bulk of his elusive free time is spent.

Open to All Learn OmniFocus Members

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