Choosing the best apps and investing the time to use them productively can have a dramatically positive impact on all areas of your life and work.

It's no secret that we're big fans of technology. The power we have at our fingertips has the potential to help transform all areas of life. To realize this potential, it's important to be well grounded in productivity principles and to get comfortable in using apps that truly deliver on the process of technology.

Our Approach

The Wheel of Life is a foundational element of our Holistic Productivity approach.

Technically Simple's approach draws upon the wisdom of our Holistic Productivity approach. It acknowledges that we humans are multifaceted by nature and that a positive shift in one area of life can positively impact all other areas of life. It's built on four pillars that emphasize both thoughtful reflection and decisive action.

We're also well versed in David Allen's Getting Things Done® (GTD®), a systematic approach to productivity that's practiced all over world across a wide variety of cultures and professions.


Private Coaching & Consulting

We start our one-on-one sessions by guiding you through a process of mapping out all of your areas of focus. Based on this map we work with you to identify and configure apps that will help you manage everything from long-term aspirations to discrete projects and actions. We work remotely with people all over the world using the Zoom online meeting platform and offer in-person sessions at our office in downtown Vancouver, Canada.


Interactive Courses & Workshops

Our live courses and workshops emphasize the benefits of group learning and human interaction. These interactions help make the learning relevant and applicable to your life and give you the opportunity to tap into the collective wisdom of the group. We make extensive use of the Zoom online meeting platform to provide video-conferenced courses and workshops that are engaging and uplifting.


Upcoming Courses & Workshops

Here are some of our upcoming courses and workshops. Visit our calendar to see everything that's open for registration. Please note that space is limited. We recommend registering early to be guaranteed a spot.