A two-part video-conferenced workshop to support you in using your email effectively and efficiently.

This workshop presents best practices and practical techniques to support you in communicating effectively using email. None of this knowledge makes any difference unless it's put into practice. With the support of the group, you'll come up with a practical strategy for making effective use of email that you'll put to the test as you go through this two-part workshop.

Workshop Overview

Taming your email is spread over two sessions, typically about one week apart. During the first session, you’ll learn best practices for managing the deluge of incoming emails, composing effective emails and using email within a team environment. Working with other people in the workshop, you’ll formulate a plan to shift your email habits and to apply best practices.

Armed with a Personal Email Strategy™, you’ll put what you’ve learned into practice in your day-to-day life and work. In the second session, you’ll reconvene with your group to share what worked, and what didn’t work and to fine-tune your personal strategies. The second session also includes additional strategies and techniques for taking your email productivity to the next level.


“I found Tim’s workshop a great use of time. It’s helped me become more productive, not only in how I use email but also technology in general. I feel more spacious with my time and would recommend this workshop to anyone feeling overwhelmed with their inbox.” —Saul Brown, Saul Good Gift Co.

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Offer Taming Your Email to Your Organization

We're happy to teach the Taming Your Email workshop to your organization. The workshop will be offered in a video-conferenced virtual classroom and customized according to the email app(s) and email service your company is using. Please take a moment to complete the following form and we'll be in touch

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The pricing is dependent on the number of participants and the amount of customization needed.

Team Productivity

This workshop emphasizes the value in coming to a common agreement on how email is going to be used within the team. This can includes agreeing on the format of internal emails (e.g. how to use the subject line to communication requests and information) and setting expectations for response times.