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Where it all began…

For the past few years I’ve worked as an OmniFocus Coach & Consultant and have had the privilege of supporting people all over the world in living fulfilling and productive lives with some help from OmniFocus. My diverse group of clients spans North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Australia and includes artists, athletes, administrators, consultants, engineers, entrepreneurs, lawyers and leaders of corporations and non-profit organizations. Despite their varied backgrounds and cultural mix, I’ve noticed that the challenges that many of my clients face are surprisingly consistent. All experience moments of overwhelm and are motivated to learn new strategies and tools to not only survive, but thrive in our modern world. And there’s a common need to get into the habit of setting aside time for reflection. A structured approach to this introspection, with OmniFocus being used to track the process can make a profound difference personally and professionally.

Holistic Productivity™ — Shift Happens…

My approach, termed Holistic Productivity™, acknowledges the multi-faceted nature of life and stipulates that a positive shift created in one area of life impacts all other areas of life to a large or a small degree. For example, someone will naturally be more productive in their work environment if they create a positive shift around their health, for example by getting more sleep at night. True to its name, OmniFocus can be a highly effective tool for articulating and tracking commitments across all areas of life, while also giving its users the ability to quickly and easily focus in on the specific area of life that currently warrants their time and attention.

Learn OmniFocus: Supporting You in Getting Your Shift Together

Inspired by my own experiences coupled with the success I’ve witnessed in the lives of my clients, I’m hard at work creating material for Learn OmniFocus (, a website dedicated to supporting people in using OmniFocus effectively. This new website will include a wide range of articles and video tutorials, with each focused on a different aspect of OmniFocus. Additionally, I’m developing interactive online courses and webinars, with offerings for OmniFocus newbies, seasoned power users and everybody in between.

Staying In the Loop

Intrigued? Stay in the loop by joining our mailing listfollowing us on Twitter and liking us on Facebook. We’ll be sure to let you know once we have the launch date nailed down (the tentative plan is to go live when OmniFocus 2 Mac is released) and will share some OmniFocus tips and tricks to whet your appetite for the main course. While you’re waiting, you might want to check out my article on How I Use OmniFocus and watch a video of my Holistic Productivity talk at the OmniFocus Setup in San Francisco earlier this year.

p.s. If you're interested in my one-on-one OmniFocus Coaching & Consulting services, drop me a line and I'll be in touch.

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