Free Tutorials for OmniOutliner 4 for Mac & OmniOutliner 2 for iPad on ScreenCastsOnline

One of my favourite and most frequently opened apps on my Macs and iPad is OmniOutliner. I use OmniOutliner for a wide variety of purposes,  including planning the details of trips, taking logically structured notes in meetings and creating outlines and timelines for the productivity courses that I develop and lead.

An Excellent Complement to OmniFocus

OmniOutliner is an excellent complement to one the other apps on my top ten list, OmniFocus.  Many of my more complex OmniFocus projects link to one or more OmniOutliner documents that contain project support information, including checklists and detailed project outlines. This helps me use OmniFocus to focus on moving projects forward without getting bogged down with details at the project/task management level. I'll share more information on these workflows and recommended best practices on the upcoming Learn OmniFocus website (, that will be launching around the same time that OmniFocus 2 for Mac is released.

OmniOutliner Tutorials on ScreenCastsOnline

I recently recorded four OmniOutliner video tutorials for ScreenCastsOnline. Two focus on OmniOutliner 4 for Mac, a major new release that sports a thoughtfully redesigned user interface and an extensive feature set that allows you to create outlines that are as beautiful as they are functional.  The two other screencasts dive into OmniOutliner 2 for iPad. The Omni Group have a knack for creating iPad apps that are highly functional while also being attractive and intuitive, and OmniOutliner 2 for iPad is no exception.

The first two screencasts: OmniOutliner 4 for Mac - Part 1 and OmniOutliner 2 for iPad - Part 1 are now available on ScreenCastsOnline and Part 2 of the Mac and iPad screencasts will be posted on Friday, March 21. The screencasts don't assume any prior experience with OmniOutliner (or outlines) and are also designed to help experienced users get up to speed with these new releases and to use OmniOutliner to its full potential. Appropriately enough, I used OmniOutliner to map out the content of these screencasts before recording.

FREE Access to OmniOutliner Tutorials

You can watch a preview of the screencasts over on ScreenCastsOnline and you can get FREE access to the full OmniOutliner tutorials (over 90 minutes in total) by visiting the Free OmniOutliner Tutorials page before the end of April 2014 and signing up for the ScreeenCastsOnline Newsletter.

If you don't already have OmniOutliner on your Mac, you can  download a free 14-day trial  of OmniOutliner 4 for Mac from The Omni Group's website and put both the Standard and Pro features through their paces. You can continue to use OmniOutliner beyond the 14 day trial period by purchasing OmniOutliner from The Omni Group Store or by visiting the Mac App Store, that includes both OmniOutliner (upgradeable to Pro through an in-app purchase) and OmniOutliner Pro.

Membership Has Its Privledges

I've been a Premium Member of ScreenCastsOnline for many years and have greatly enhanced my productivity and discovered a wealth of new apps under the expert tutelage of Don McAllister. It was an honour to be invited to contribute to ScreenCastsOnline's ever growing library once again (I also recorded three Daylite screencasts in 2013) and I hope you find these latest additions help bring some structure and clarity to your life and work.

Founder, Don McAllister also generously offers a no obligation free trial to ScreenCastsOnline that will grant you access to over 500 Mac and iOS tutorials for 14 days. By purchasing a Premium Membership ($9/month, $23/quarter or $70/year) you will get extended access to this content and a free subscription to the excellent ScreenCastsOnline Monthly Magazine.