Technically Simple…Reinvented

Celebrating Our Roots

I founded Technically Simple in Ottawa, Canada 2003 with the intention of making marketing and technical consulting services available in a friendly and accessible manner. In the the years that followed, that included a move to Vancouver, Canada, I had the pleasure of serving a diverse and enthusiastic group of clients. Working with advertising agencies, design firms and individual freelancers, Technically Simple helped individuals and organizations establish a distinct identity and brought numerous websites from concept to fruition. A sincere thank you to everyone who has been a part of Technically Simple's growth and prosperity.

The Next Chapter Begins

I'm excited to announce that Technically Simple is entering its next chapter. Staying true to our roots, our mission is to make the benefits of technology available in a friendly and accessible way through our consulting and training services. I firmly believe that technology, if used appropriately, can play a significant and positive role in lives that are happy, healthy and balanced. I realize that the wealth of choices and the volume of information that technology brings can be overwhelming for many and am committed to Technically Simple being a trusted guide in the technology jungle and to improving the lives of the people and the prosperity of the organizations that we have the honour of serving.

Our Technology Partners

In keeping with these goals, I recently established partnerships with two of the most innovative companies in the computer industry.

Marketcircle has been providing top notch productivity solutions since 1999. Their flagship product, Daylite is the leading business productivity manager for the Macintosh platform is actively used by customers in over 100 countries around the world. Technically Simple has been using Daylite since 2007 and this professional solution has proven invaluable in making us organized and productive. I'm a Daylite Certified Partner and am here to help you and your organization get up and running with Daylite or to fine-tune your existing installation. [read more]

MINDBODY has been around since 1998 and were among the first consultants to develop software tailored to yoga, pilates and spinning studios. From humble beginnings, they now offer a highly flexible web-based studio management solution that is trust by clients in more than 50 countries. Technically Simple is proud to be an official MINDBODY Business Partner and will be working in conjunction with the wonderful folks at MINDBODY to provide demos, consulting and training. I have a passion for fitness, yoga, martial arts and health and wellness in general and am excited to be bringing the benefits of technology to individuals and organizations in this sector. [read more]

More To Come

There's more to come, including the official unveiling of our Technically Simple Approved™ program. This seal of approval will be given to technologies that are well design, reliable and genuinely make peoples lives easier and more productive. Stay tuned for more!