The Next Chapter of Holistic Productivity

Over the past ten years I’ve been developing and teaching the Holistic Productivity approach. I’ve shared this approach with hundreds of thousands of people through talks and interviews. I’ve also had the privilege of leading in-person public and corporate courses and video-conferenced online courses based on this approach to people all over the world.

To help foster further growth and make this transformational approach available to as many people as possible, I thought it was time that Holistic Productivity had its own unique identity and its own home on the web.

I’m excited to introduce the new Holistic Productivity website.

Our Virtual Classroom

Visit our new site to learn about our Holistic Productivity approach and to register in upcoming workshops, seminar and courses.

All of our public offerings take place in a virtual classroom.

Through the magic of technology, you'll be able to see and interact with other participants from around the world as you apply what you're learning to your life and work.

Read on to learn more and to find out how you can SAVE on our workshops, seminars and courses if you register by February 28, 2017.

Updated Course Offerings for Individuals & Organizations

I’m continuing to lead our signature courses, including the video-conferenced Holistic Productivity for Mac and iOS course and Holistic Productivity for Organizations (formerly Productivity and Self Management).

Both courses have been expanded and refined, drawing upon feedback from past participants.

NEW Holistic Productivity for Mac & iOS Course Starts February 15, 2017

Holistic Productivity for Mac & iOS is an in-depth, transformational four-month course in a small group (maximum ten people). It features top Mac & iOS productivity apps, including OmniFocus, Evernote and MindNode.

This video-conferenced course is spread across seven sessions and includes over twelve hours of live interactions.

The first four 2-hour sessions are one week apart, with each week having a unique theme and emphasis. A 90-day process, that begins with Session 4, supports you in practicing what you’ve learned as you create a positive shift in a specific area of your life.

There's still LIMITED space in the course that starts February 15. You can save on the registration cost by using the coupon codes provided below.

Workshops & Seminars

With the introduction of the new site, I’m also adding a growing number of workshops and seminars. I’ll be leading all of our offerings initially, but I’m already putting plans in place to introduce other engaging and knowledgeable facilitators.

Workshops emphasize a hands-on approach. You'll work with other participants as you put productivity principles into practice in a way that's relevant to you and your life.

Seminars are more informational in nature, though always include a Q&A component and typically give you the opportunity to interact with other attendees through group sharing and partner work.

We currently have three workshops/seminars open for registration:

  • Holistic Productivity 101 (more info) — A two-hour video-conferenced workshop to support you in transforming your life by applying Holistic Productivity principles. You'll identify a key area of life to focus on and will leave with a plan for action.
  • Taming Your Email (more info)— A two-part video-conferenced seminar to support you in using your email effectively and efficiently. You'll learn best practices and, with the support of the group, will develop your Personal Email Strategy.
  • Managing Ideas & Goals with Trello (more info) — A hands-on, video-conferenced workshop to support you in managing ideas and goals using Trello. No previous experience with Trello is required and you'll leave the workshop having created multiple Trello boards that you'll use to track ideas and goals in one or more areas of your life.

Register by February 28 and SAVE

To celebrate the launch of our website we're offering a discount on all of our workshops, seminars and courses if you register by February 28.

Staying in Touch

Thanks to the many people around the world who contributed to the development of the Holistic Productivity approach and the launch of this website.

To stay in the loop on future developments, subscribe to the Holistic Productivity Mailing List and follow Holistic Productivity on Facebook and Twitter.

Have questions? Drop me a line. I look forward to hearing from you and hope to see you in one of our upcoming workshops, seminars or courses.