The Next Chapter of Technically Simple

The new Technically Simple website is now live and ushers in the next phase of Technically Simple’s growth. Learn about where we've been…and where we're going.


A Brief History of Technically Simple

Before I get into what’s new, I’ll take a moment to share a few highlights from Technically Simple’s history.

Corporate Experience

I founded Technically Simple in 2003 after working in the corporate world as a software engineering, development manager and project manager for about 13 years.

I worked for both large and small companies and, especially as a project manager, had the opportunity to interact regularly with people in virtually every department of the company, including sales, marketing, engineering, quality assurance, documentation, legal and public relations. This has proven to be valuable experience. It has given me a tangible sense of the challenges that people in these roles face and a heightened ability to work with a wide variety of clients.

Technically Simple’s Mandate

Technically Simple was founded with the rather lofty goal of making the benefits of technology available to everyone in a friendly and an accessible way. I’ve been a fan of technology for as long as I can remember and have had ample opportunity to witness its uses and misuses.

I originally started the company in Ottawa, Canada and moved it out to Vancouver a few years later. From the beginning, I helped usher people and organizations into the world of technology.

Early on I discovered that using technology effectively required clarity around purpose and direction. To enhance my ability too support clients on both the practical and creative sides of life and business I became professionally trained as a coach. Coaching continues to play a major role in the work that I do today.

A Productive Focus

I put the company on hold for about a year back in 2008 when I came face-to-face with an aggressive cancer. Fortunately, I ended the year with a clean bill of health and some powerful new insights.

Lessons learned through my experience of cancer, combined with a freshly-cultivated practice of David Allen’s Getting Things Done® (GTD®) methodology, inspired me to focus on supporting people and organizations in making productive use of technology while applying best practices from GTD and Holistic Productivity, an approach I developed based on my cancer experience.

I’ve since had the opportunity to work with people and organizations from all over the world. Some of this work was done in-person, and much of it was provided online using Zoom, the online meeting platform that I use to facilitate everything from one-on-one consultations to large group sessions.

Learn OmniFocus

One of the highlights in recent years was the launch of Learn OmniFocus, a website dedicated to supporting people in living fulfilling and productive lives with some help from OmniFocus. People from more than 65 countries have joined since I launched the site in June 2014. 

Back to the Future

The next chapter of Technically Simple builds on the knowledge and experience that I’ve gained over the past 14+ years and emphasizes both self-guided and group learning.

Virtual Course & Workshops

We’re going to continue to grow the courses and workshops that we offer via our video-conferenced virtual classroom. Some will have technology-specific themes and others will focus on developing and fine tuning productivity practices.

Some sessions will be led by yours truly and others will feature carefully selected facilitators. Check out our new calendar for a list of upcoming courses and workshops, including a workshop with Shawn Blanc that's taking place on February 14, 2018.

Articles, Videos & Self-Guided Courses

We’re also hard at work behind the scenes developing content that will be featured on this blog, our upcoming YouTube Channel and our soon-to-be-launched online school. I'm excited to share more details soon.

Expanding Learn OmniFocus

Learn OmniFocus continues to play a significant role in our growth.

We’ll continue to provide some free content and, by becoming a member, you’ll have full access to our growing content library and our popular live sessions.

Learn OmniFocus will remain a separate site. Though, we’ll be sharing some highlights on Technically Simple’s new website (and vice versa).

Private Coaching, Consulting & Training

We’ve been offering private coaching, consulting and training to both individuals and organizations since the very beginning. This continues to be a major emphasis as we expand our repertoire of methodologies and technologies.

I've been specializing in OmniFocus, Daylite and Evernote for many years and have more recently developed expertise in Asana, Trello and Todoist. I'm looking forward to continuing to add approved technologies to the list and to growing the team.

We also support people and organizations in integrating multiple technologies. We emphasize convenience and efficiency and draw upon both built-in integrations as well as automation services like Zapier.

If you're looking for one-on-one support or are interested in participating in one of our public courses or workshops, check out the services that we have for individuals. We’re also continuing to expand the coaching, consulting and training services that we offer to organizations large and small. This includes an updated version of the Productivity and Self Management course that I've been leading to organizations of all sizes since 2011.

Staying in the Loop

Subscribe to our email list to stay in the loop on all of our developments. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter. And don’t hesitate to drop us a line if you have questions or requests for content.

Joining the Team

We’re always on the lookout for people who have a passion for technology and productivity. While we don't currently have a formal application process, you're welcome to contact us to express your interest. Please provide more information on your skills and experience and let us know why you're motivated to contribute to Technically Simple.

Many Thanks

Many thanks to everyone who’s supported us get to where we are today. We looking forward to many more years of helping you make productive use of technology.